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2018 IMPA Plant Sale Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the markup (percentage profit out of the retail price) for the 2018 plants and wreaths?

Plant markups are as follows:

  • Poinsettias in 6.5” pots (all colors) retail for $13; markup 38%

  • Christmas Cacti in 6” pots retail for $13; markup 38%

Wreath markups are as follows:

  • 12” wreaths retail for $27; markup 33%

  • 16” wreaths retail for $35; markup 23%

  • 20” wreaths retail for $45; markup 18%

The average profit for all items is approximately 33 percent. All profits earned by each student go directly to that student’s individual music account. The more plants and wreaths a student sells, the more they earn for their individual student music account. Students must request their account funds for music-related expenses (lessons, instruments, accessories, trips, concert tickets, etc.) in writing from the IMPA treasurer.

When and where do orders have to be turned in?

All plant and wreath orders for IMPA’s 2018 Plant and Wreath Sale must be turned in to the box in the Boulder High Main Office (near Juletta’s desk) by Thursday, November 1, at 3:45pm. Please place the top (white) copy of your order form (or make a photocopy of each order form you turn in), with all the checks for those orders, in an envelope (available in the box at the Front Desk). Be sure to write your name, cell number, and graduation year so we can keep track of your student music account contributions. Also be sure to keep a copy of each order form so you know where to deliver the plants and wreaths (see the question below).

When will the plant and wreath orders be fulfilled?

On Tuesday, November 27 (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving break), plants and wreaths will be available for student pickup at 2:30pm, in the Band Room at Boulder High School, and/or just outside the Band Room if weather permits. Students must arrange to pick up all wreaths and plants for their buyers that afternoon. Students are responsible for delivering the plants and wreaths to their buyers.