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Contact Information & IMPA Board Members

IMPA Board Members

For security reasons, if your need to contact a board member, please send an email to:

Chair: Sara King

Vice Chair: Gwen Burak

Secretary: Kim King Poplawski

Financial Secretary: Rhonda Davie

Treasurer: Diane Harpold

Coffelt Scholarships and Music Scholars Program: Zoe Kircos

Concessions: ISO Concessions Coordinator

Wreath and Flower Sales: Risë Keller

Instrument Fund Appeal: Marc Vick  

Volunteer Coordinator: Christine Shoemaker

Grocery Card Sales: Jean Hall

Publicity: Kathy Leftwich

Website: Jen Walentas Lewon, Mia Mestdagh

BHS Instrumental Music Teachers

Orchestra: Ryan Woodworth

Band: Beau Bryson

Concert Band:  Jennifer Dunn